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Design Your Sanctuary

Your Bathroom is no longer just a place for the everyday ritual of washing. Your bathroom is where you unwind and give yourself much needed ‘me time’ so why not do it in style?

The No Code Brand Story

For the last 20 years, No Code’s philosophy has revolved around bringing exquisite bathroom design coupled with unrivalled quality to UK homes. We offer a curated selection of stylishly smart bathroom solutions to help you create your personal sanctuary at home.

The wide selection of styles and products, gives you the opportunity to mix and match products in a bathroom setting that reflects your unique personality.

From stunning showers to designer ceramics, all products are of a high manufacturing standard for the ultimate peace of mind.

In addition, we aim to unlock the secrets to designing and maintaining your dream bathroom with inspiration ideas, helpful product information and how to guides. We want you to be inspired and informed so that you can enjoy your No Code bathroom for many years to come.

Carina dual flow 44350V12

Since 1996, No Code has been recognised as a forward thinking brand and today is available through more than 100 bathroom retailers across the UK.

We’re proud to say that over the years we’ve built an enviable reputation for quality and service, and No Code is now one of the most respected brands across our network of independent retail partners.

Get inspired with our bathroom ideas and fall in love with our beautiful bathroom products.

Your journey to a stunning tailor made bathroom is about to begin.

The No Code Team



Alfredo Anzellini

Alfredo Anzellini is the co-designer of the Ego, Flo and Retro collections. Ego has soft square styling, Flo is the choice for timeless elegance and Retro has a vintage glamour inspired by “La Belle Epoque”.


Massimiliano Cicconi

Massimiliano is the designer of the Aquatech collection and co-designer of the Retro collection. Aquatech is a collection that makes a fresh statement with its unique identity whilst Retro has a vintage glamour inspired by “La Belle Epoque”.


Marc Sadler

Marc Sadler is the designer of the Cento collection. Cento is defined by its contemporary square design with a sculpted interior for a luxurious look.


Simone Anzellini

Simone Anzellini is the co-designer of the Ego and Flo collections. Ego has soft square styling and Flo is the choice for timeless elegance.

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